Silver Lining started in 2008 when Wayne Pauley and I wanted to create a cloud computing group that could gather on a monthly basis to discuss cloud technology, bring in guest speakers and network within the Boston area.   Also, we wanted to promote the creation of cloud start-ups in New England while still having broader IT discussions.  Our activities morphed into some larger events, just less frequent.   This site continues to be a gathering point for IT, even if it's not just about cloud. 

I also aim to de-mystify the world I live in, which is (mostly technology-focused) investment banking.  Quora/Twitter and email can allow me to answer any questions that middle-market companies may have about what I can help them with, but I also aim to be more approachable and provide value-add advice for entrepreneurs, starting with the basics.

Wayne and I still welcome the chance to gather with all of you to talk cloud or whatever the mot du jour....

My Best,

Matt Rudnick

March 30th, 2011